A Typical Year on the Team:

Throughout the off-season, we hold regular indoor practices, fund raise for the upcoming ski season, work on props, costumes, backdrops, and show theme.

In May, we will begin our water practices as weather allows. We typically perform weekly shows at Tahoe Park in Beaver Dam but our schedule varies so check out our Show Schedule.

Our ski team competes on the regional/state and national level. Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Tournament is held in July and National Ski Show Tournament (if we qualify) is held in August.

Membership Types:

  • Individual Skiing Membership - $120 / skier
  • Individual Supporting / Non-Skiing Membership - $25 / non-skier
  • Family Membership - $300 / family

Membership Requirements:

  1. Complete the Membership Registration and pay team dues - Dues can be paid by cards, ACH, check, or cash
  2. Renew Membership or get your initial Membership - USA Water Ski and WWSF
  3. Complete the required Safe Sport training or refresher - Required for anyone 18 years old or older
  4. Complete work credit requirements (over the course of a season) - 20 hours per member
If you have questions, please email them to